“My very first contact revealed a person who is approachable, energetic, experienced and obviously very, very capable. But the thing that really took me by surprise was her depth of interest in her ‘students’ regardless of level or standing, matched with her deep love of the game.

Kelli’s coaching strengths span all aspects of the game but I make special mention of her fine eye for perfecting technique, her guidance on the mental approach and her tactical insights. Her personal coaching style is interactive, paced to your own progress, and tailored around your own strengths and weaknesses. All this is supported by ample side-by-side visual demonstration. It is all very efficient use of your time and quite uplifting.

Kelli’s coaching is developing my own ability to analyse and critique my bowling efforts in real time. This comes to the fore during a game – I often hear Kell talking me through the very next shot!

I continue to seek Kelli’s tuition and guidance as I progress…”

Russell Thomson

“I have been bowling for 7 seasons at pennant level. I have picked up many loose habits along the way. You don’t even realise you have them until somebody points them out. My bowling had become very inconsistent and I was becoming frustrated with my inability to draw close to the jack.

I rang Kelli and we organised a bowling session where she gave me a ritual to follow prior to getting on the mat which gave me consistency in my set up to play a bowl. 

My draw bowling improved little by little and my running shots were serviceable. I just trusted the method she gave me and my bowling kept slightly improving which was pleasing. I am still using Kelli’s methodology on the mat and was fortunate enough to win our club pairs and singles championships at our club, Port Noarlunga. My pennant play has also improved and am able to play shots with a degree of confidence provided I commit to the shot.

Kelli’s coaching lesson is the reason my bowls form has been on the improve this season, as my setup is the same every time.

Thank you Kelli.”

Paul Beaumont

“You asked at the end what our goals were in bowls and I said that I would like to win the Club Championship Singles sometime as both of my parents had achieved that back in the 90s.

I have had a good run in the Championship Singles winning 4 games to get into the Final which we played last Sunday, and I was successful defeating my opponent 25 to 21.

The changes you made to my grip and delivery has made this possible. THANKYOU.”

Gary Lock

I invested in a 3 month online program with Kelli to help me improve my bowling on and off the green. I have seen a marked improvement with my bowls on the green and has helped me with my mental toughness on and off the green. Would highly recommend Kelli. Excellent coach and mentor.

Simon Grivell

“I’m so glad that Kelli has started her own coaching business, Wray to Go! Kelli was one of our volunteer coaches in Adelaide when Team USA came over for the Asia Pacific games. She had us work through drills to practice some fundamentals. Her knowledge of the greens, weather conditions, the opposition – invaluable! The individual preparation, skills drills, motivation and mental toughness are all concepts that she preaches and practices.

Her enthusiasm for the game rubbed off on the team, and her faith in me and my bowls gave me the confidence I needed to compete in this difficult international event. I highly recommend Kelli and her coaching techniques to anyone who wants to achieve at bowls!”

Anne Nunes

“If you’re at the cross-roads with your bowls and feel you are making very little progress, then consider a session or two with Kelli to get you back on track.

With her youthful enthusiasm, proven experience and success at State and National levels, she brings a refreshing new concept to coaching that inspires the individual bowler to honestly assess their game and be prepared to work on improving both attitude and performance.

I shall certainly be joining one of Kelli’s sessions again before the new season – which can’t come quick enough!”

Margie Prospect

“Kelli Wray has been our bowling club skills coach this season (2012/2013). Her skills drills which simulate match situations have been invaluable for me and I have played critical shots in pennant matches with confidence. More particularly she corrected my delivery and I now have a smooth delivery and greater weight control.

The self-confidence and mental discipline I have gained through Kelli’s coaching has reaped rewards – I will contest two of our clubs singles finals this season.”

Graeme Gaunt

“What a coach!!! As a member of Team USA, I had the privilege of receiving Kelli’s brilliant coaching services at the 2011 Asia-Pacific Championships. While I’ve benefited from training over the past five years by some of the best bowlers in America, I was amazed at how much more I learned in the short time spent with Kelli. With an avid eye for imperfection and compassionate way with constructive criticism, her encouragement for improvement was inspiring. To Kelli’s credit, shortly after returning to America, I was able to apply some of her valuable advice and was rewarded with a seven-game victory in a divisional Singles competition. If only I had the opportunity to continue benefit from Kelli’s coaching skills, I’d undoubtedly be blessed with inclusion in the list of the world’s best bowlers.”

Dee McSparran

Kelli has helped turned my life around, from being in a job I didn’t like to not being the person I wanted to be.

My whole life has changed for the positive and I am beginning to be happy within my self again.

Thankyou so much Kel.

David Stanik

“I personally wanted to thank Kelli & Lynton, of Wray to Go Bowls training, for the support that they gave the US National Team at World Bowls 2012 in Adelaide, South Australia.

The speed of the greens at this tournament were very different then what we are used to bowling on at home. Kelli analysed each bowler’s technique and personalised training tips that helped them adjust to the greens. This was one of many things that her training program helped our team with while at the tournament.

I would recommend Wray to Go training to anyone that is interested in taking their game to the next level.”

Phil Luth

Kelli has been coaching me now for approximately 12 months and while we have not always been on the green with the COVID19 restrictions, Kelli has always been just a phone call away to ask for advice or to discuss where I am at with my bowls. I bought one of the Roll-a-bowl Practice Ramps so I can continue to practice at home.

I find Kelli’s coaching style is one of focusing on what you are doing right, encouraging you with that and then fine tuning the areas that just need to be improved on. Kelli’s approach to coaching is so different to what I have come across before and has not only improved my game on the green but has improved my mental attitude off the green.”

Kerry Hutchinson

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